Foundation, Scholarship, Donation Support

The main purpose of the scholarship funds is to contribute to the professional and personal development of successful students in need of financial support by providing scholarship support.

Female Employee Support

In line with the goal of empowering women and providing equal opportunities in the business world, we see it as our responsibility to lead with the mission of “We support equality of opportunity for a better future”.

With the vision of “Investing in People” in different companies and geographies of ANS Holding, we aim to create opportunities that spread to the whole society, to be positioned among the companies most desired to work with, and to be remembered with the best conditions that allow women to be empowered.

In this context, as a company that values participation, equality and pluralism in all our business processes, we see equality of opportunity as the common issue of all our employees, we carry out our activities in a way that includes all our employees, men and women, and we create spaces for learning and sharing experiences by listening to each other.


As ANS Holding, we work to minimize environmental risks for the future of humanity and natural life, and to transform opportunities into successes that create added value. We know that sustainability is the most important value that should be embraced today and in the future, and with this perspective, we develop in-depth solutions to global and local problems.

Social Responsibility

ANS Holding accepts acting with social responsibility awareness in all its activities as a part of its core values of humility, respect for people and closeness to the public, as one of the basic and unchangeable elements of its management approach. In this framework, we expect all our institutions to manage the economic, social and environmental impacts of their activities with a sense of responsibility and to keep the development of society on their agenda as a priority. We do not see the scope of our social responsibility understanding as limited to our business activities and their effects. We determine our understanding of social responsibility and our priorities in this regard, taking into account what is best for the society and the environment.

Occupational Health and Safety

ANS Holding Occupational Health and Safety Unit plays an important role in realizing the value we attach to occupational health and safety. The Occupational Health and Safety Unit regularly reviews the practices throughout our Group; manages the regulatory compliance processes of good practice examples adopted by our companies.

Ans Group Environmental Policy

ANS Holding, which offers products and services in different sectors; In its activities, it develops policies and strategies that contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment, prevention of environmental pollution, protection and improvement of biodiversity, wildlife, ecology, flora and fauna, waterways and resources.